Which Truck and Trailer Parts Are Essential To Check Before Travelling?

Being a truck driver or owning a trucking company can bring along many unwanted problems and concerns because of the dangers associated with trucks and trailers. Trucks and trailers are hazardous vehicles and you have to take great care when driving one. It is advisable to check your truck and trailer each time before your travel, especially if you often travel long distances. wholesale trailer parts

Here is a list of truck and trailer parts that you need to check before you hit the road.

Conduct a Service Check. Have a look at when the last time was that the truck had a complete maintenance service. If it has been done recently then it is good but if the maintenance service is due within the next 1000 kilometers, it would be advisable to book it in for a service before you take the truck out on the road for a long haul. You don’t want a service to become due while you are mid-travels because you may just reach the end of a particular truck part that needs to be replaced.

Change the Oil Filter and Oil. Before you travel check the oil filter and oil as this will affect the smooth running of your truck. For a truck it is advisable to change the oil filter often; at about every 500 kilometers. A truck is a heavy duty vehicle and uses the oil a lot which also exhausts the oil filter quickly.

Check your Tyres. Check the tyres on your truck and on your trailer. If the tread is low on the tyres, replace them immediately. You cannot have smooth tyres on your truck or trailer especially if you are going travel a long distance. Having good tyres is essential to avoid accidents as trucks are susceptible to slippery conditions and sliding more so than cars. Also check for any damage on the tyres or punctures. If you notice any of these, then replace the tyres. Don’t attempt to fix a puncture on a truck or trailer because it may not last especially if you are planning to add a large load.

Check the Wiper Blades. This seems trivial but in raining conditions, a truck driver needs to be able to see clearly ahead of him. If in doubt, rather change the wiper blades and the blade inserts. Otherwise, take a spare pair of wiper blades with you on your trip.

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