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No one can avoid using the computer since the computer has been a tool nowadays. Much as people may pride themselves on their good typing, but unfortunately not all of them are born typists. They also have experienced the long typing process from being typing novices to professional typists as well. Of course, it’s a sensible choice to choose a good typing tutor when they begin to learn to type. Especially for you, as a beginner, choose a good typing tutor is meaning to choose a good teacher. typing test

Maybe you will be confused by countless typing tutors online, all of typing tutors introduce them as good ones, but you really want to choose one which teaches you to learn to type from a beginner who knows nothing about the keyboard and typing, to an experienced typist. Generally, the typing process may be little monotone and bored, this makes you unwilling to learn to type, then you hope the typing tutor will be interesting and fun for typing.

It’s so easy to find one typing tutor meeting your need. Online typing tutor, GS Typing Tutor, is a powerful and rich features typing tutor and test software. It is an ideal teaching tool for learning to type and developing typing speed.

The typing tutor is easy to use. The user-interface is shockingly easy to use for you, no technical knowledge is required, all you need to do is using the mouse to point and click. Surely, the typing tutor offers complete courses, including three courses, the basic course will help you learn base keys in the keyboard, and the special marks course will help you become a fluent typist. If you are a cashier, accountant or intensive numeric keypad user, the numeric keypad course can help you improve speed.

Of course, the tying tutor features the professional typing speed test. There are three kinds of typing tests available, General Typing Test, Original Copy Test, and Type at Will. As well as the typing tutor allows you to add your own text files as the test text. For you felling bald with the repeating typing, the typing tutor includes 5 typing-based games. The typing games make you learn typing amusing and effective. Obviously, the typing tutor enables you to change the user interface’s color, on/off the sound, duration and a lot of options to meet your condition. This also makes the typing process fun and interesting.

Uniquely, the typing tutor supports a variety of keyboard layouts, like English US, English UK, English International, US Dvorak, US Dvorak Right hand, US Dvorak Left hand, Dutch, English British, Finnish, French, German, Irish, Italian, Latin American, Hungarian, Arabic 101, Arabic 102, etc. By you knowing your typing, the typing tutor offers a complete statistics. With continually collecting the information throughout the process of practice and test, the typing tutor will generate reports and curves to tell you how your development of the performance is. As well as, it analyzes which keys are difficult to you, so that you could customize a special practice to fine-tune your skills. Assuredly, the typing tutor supports multi-user. In your family, your family members can use the typing tutor on one computer, each one has their own account file in which the user’s preference and other information are stored.

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