The 8 Elements to Wholesale Tea

Have you ever visited a tearoom or five star hotel or restaurant that serves an exceptional quality loose leaf tea? It can be a very pleasurable experience that was once upon a time the thing to do. To add to this experience you can enjoy the taste, the comfort and tranquility that an elevated grade of loose-leaf tea can offer, a consummate tea drinker can also get pleasure from the additional benefits that tea resellers offer.

Top tea resellers provide significant added value to your tea rituals by offering complimentary tea related foods such as finger sandwiches, sweet cakes, and enticing meals, not to mention an inviting friendly environment of elegance that is perfect for socializing and making new friendship with like minded people.

The by-product of establishing a valuable relationship between the wholesaler and reseller creates this whole experience. So let us take a look at and understand this important the special business association between the tea supplier and the reseller/wholesaler.

First, a distinction needs be made between what is a tea wholesaler and what is a tea supplier.

A tea wholesaler or reseller is a business entity or owner that purchases in large volumes high quality loose leaf tea and usually at a bulk discount price from what the normal consumer would pay at a retail price. The tea is then served to its clientele in their tearoom, restaurant or other smaller stores for resell. It is more or less frequently combined with complimentary offerings of other items such as featured food and beverages or tea accessories.

A tea supplier is a company or owner that buys imported teas in bulk form from various foreign countries that specialize in trading products like tea like India, China, Sri Lanka, Russia and other tea trading countries. Some suppliers will offer their Mothers Day or Valentines Day specially owned rare blended teas from long history of family recipes for a unique brand flavors that they only sell. You can find the more popular blended teas in the product line of the supplier like Earl Grey, Coconut Pouchong, Vanilla Jasmine, Kashmiri Chai. Other teas may be included with basic black, green, wu long, white and pu-erh teas depending on the suppliers inventory. Bulk spices

The essence of the value created as a result of wholesaler and supplier relationship is the products and services presented by the supplier and what the wholesaler benefits by contracting with the supplier.

Next, there are key things to consider as to what a wholesaler should look for in a supplier.

Tea Quality is probably the most if not the most significant key factor in selecting a quality supplier. Just like any new friendship it is the quality not the quantity that gets them off to a good start. The absence of the quality of the loose-leaf tea and tea blends lends the relationship between the wholesaler and the supplier to certain failure. Such an experience reflects on a supplier reputation and future venture outlook. Through quality references, wholesalers should only seek out suppliers that have a really excellent reputation for supplying the highest quality teas wherever possible.

Customer Service and Support is essential to getting good quality teas. The daunting task is that wholesalers are exasperated trying to get in touch with the supplier and getting stuck in endless automated messaging service and responses. Selecting a supplier that offers a dedicated live customer help agent to assist with your orders, track shipments, billing support, and anything else that requires support.

Pricing and Profitability should be where a wholesaler make the profits and get the best-discounted price for the quantity purchased. Some suppliers will make it more accessible to wholesalers who order larger volume based upon multiple pricing structure. By offering greater discounts wholesalers enjoy greater profits.

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