One Advanced Filter Press Machine


The sparkler filter press is used to filter out solids from a liquid. This kind of machinery is used in food processing, pharmaceutical and chemical, beverage, cosmetic industry, etc. the rate at which such industries are growing in India is amazing. With such a fast development rate a constant need for new and advanced technology is required here. Although different machines are used at different stages in the factory, filter presses are required at some of the last stages in producing a liquid. Industries need filter presses to make smooth the process if separating liquids. Before separation, the liquid – solid mixture is in the form of slurry and needs to be purified before use. Filtering machinery is used to remove the solids from the liquid.


A wide variety of sparkler filter presses are available in the market right now. The machinery is usually fabricated of stainless steel shells with a bolted top cover. It is constructed in such a way that it is easy to create and maintain the pressure in the container. The vertical container has a number of horizontal filter plates in the filter cartridge assembly with perforated supporting screens, interlocking cups and filter media. The machine after it is assembled stands on a stainless steel trolley and comes with the pump and piping connections which can be attached to other machines.


The prime operation of the filter press is to filter the impure liquid. With the help of a pump, the liquid at high pressure goes through the horizontal plates with increasing pressure. The filter plates hold back the impurities and let the rest of the liquid to pass through their center by interlocking cups, which takes the filtrate to the outlet filter. A pump is used for increased pressure by industries where a low filtration time is important. Here the plates are used as filter media. A cake like structure of the solids filtered is formed on the filter plates. The process of filtering the liquid becomes slow when the liquid reaches its holding capacity in the cake. hydraulic press machine


There are a lot of advantages of using the sparkler Filter Press. The machine available in the market comes with a stainless steel trolley so it can be moved around. The material used in its construction ensures that the machine does not rust, is sturdy and lasts a long time. Some models come with a mild steel or stainless steel jacket for filtering hot products. The filter press comes in a wide range of sizes and diameters which can be modified according to the need of the consumer. Two types of filter plates are available – deep and shallow. The number of plates can also be varied as and when required. For continuous operation the filter press comes with a Back Wash facility. The fabric used in the filter plates is sturdy and capable of handling high pressure. It is resistant to oil and water and have excellent air permeability which allows them to capture dust particles efficiently. These fiber filters are also resistant to high temperatures and can be used in factories where the products are hot.

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