Mining Equipment Leasing

Mining equipment leasing is a trusted way to have access to the machinery your business needs. Whether you are looking for resources to mine gold, silver, coal, aluminum, copper or any other mineral, mining equipment leasing can help you achieve these goals. linear screen

Mining Equipment Leasing

With the expensive cost of machinery, leasing provides an excellent way to avoid the large amount of cash outlay required to purchase outright. It’s important to keep in mind that owning equipment does not make money; rather the use of equipment is what brings profitability to a business.

Also leasing provides access to almost any type of needed equipment. Following are some of the most common pieces of equipment leased:

• Drilling equipment

• Excavating equipment

• Crushing equipment

• Washing equipment

• Screening equipment

Just a few of the benefits that make leasing such a good alternative to buying equipment outright are as follows:

Free up cash and credit lines. Leasing requires a minimal down payment. The payments are usually monthly and can be structured based on your business needs. Freeing up your cash allows for the money to be invested in other areas of your business as well as providing for future growth.

100% financing for total costs. With leasing you can finance the total costs of equipment, shipping, sales tax and installation. These costs can be included in your total monthly payments, reducing your out of pocket costs.

Fixed rates for the life of your lease. With leasing you don’t have to worry that your rates will increase, unlike a bank’s prime rate. As well, your monthly payments are fixed, giving you peace of mind with your budgeting and savings for growth.

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