Got a Pain in the Neck? Get Neck Pain Relief Without Drugs!

Lots of people suffer from periodic or chronic neck pain. While there are a host of causes, the most commonly prescribed remedy for neck pain relief is a pain medication, either an OTC or prescription drug. If your neck pain is temporary, an OTC may be your best bet?this is an easy and inexpensive solution. On the other hand, if your condition is chronic, or occurs frequently, you probably don’t want to be tied to an OTC or prescription medication which you must take every day. These medications must be processed by your liver and kidneys; in the long term, you risk damaging these organs. Here we’ve got some practical and natural solutions which help you gain at least partial, if not complete, relief from that pain in the neck!

After a day on your feet, or even just sitting, your spine tends to compress somewhat. This compression is natural, occurring even in younger people, but can be a painful affair in older folks, particularly those who suffer from arthritis and/or osteoporosis. Here’s one exercise that brings some neck pain relief for nearly everyone: sit in a chair (any type will do), with your back and neck straight. First, drop your head down in front of you, as though trying to touch your upper chest with your chin. Don’t be surprised if you hear a slight cracking noise?this is a beneficial effect! Repeat this move several times. This single action should provide a bit of relief. Now, lift your head and begin a slow, gentle rotation of your neck, first clockwise, then counter-clockwise, repeating several times. Now, your neck should be sufficiently loosened up to proceed to the next step. NECK PAIN RELIEVERS

Still sitting straight in your chair, use your hands to gently squeeze and massage the muscles at the sides of your neck. Do this for just a few minutes?you’ll soon begin to experience that neck pain relief you seek. If your neck pain includes the muscles at the base of your skull, massage that area as well. Feeling a little better? Let’s continue.

There’s a neck pillow that’s of Japanese origin and has gained a lot of popularity among neck pain sufferers. This type of pillow is made of cloth and uses rice as the filling. The pillow can be warmed in the microwave. The loose rice filling allows the pillow to be draped around your neck, conforming perfectly to your skin surface. The warmth further eases those stiff, aching muscles. You can also use this type of neck pillow while lying down or sleeping. If you sew, you can easily make this pillow yourself.

There are many types of foam-filled neck pillows available, typically designed to ‘form fit’, providing support as you sleep, just where your neck needs it most and helps restore your neck’s natural curve. These are made for people with long, normal length, or short necks. With this simple remedy, you can realize neck pain relief that has a cumulative effect when used over time.

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