Custom Built Geodesic Dome Home

This is a structure that is built on the lines of geodesic domes, which is a dome that is constructed of short struts that follow geodesic lines, forming an open framework of polygons or triangles. In these custom built homes it is made of an internal metal framework, which supports the shell of the home. This type of dome has existed since World War I where the first ones were built in Germany and since that time, there are many manufacturing companies that offer them in various shapes and sizes. Some have them built for use as a greenhouse.

Living in a dome home has its advantages and disadvantages, which include:


• Because of their spherical structure, these homes are not influenced by the elements of nature. The homes are able to stand winds that are extremely strong. There are some that have even withstood earthquakes.
• The home is known to keep the interiors warmer than conventional custom built homes and the air circulating inside your home helps to constantly maintain the temperature
• It is stated that it helps to save twenty-five to thirty percent of the space that would be needed by a rectangular home. This is a very important aspect when you consider the cost of real estate. Attefallshus
• Can be energy efficient.


• Because of the various material that is used to build a geodesic dome home some elements like condensation, sunlight, sound, and smell penetrate the wall, which gives you little protection against these elements.
• It is time-consuming and difficult to try to install the internal fittings and the furniture according to the build and shape of the home.
• It can sometimes prove to be a major problem trying to divide the space inside by using walls because of the flat straight lines and absence of corners that you have to work with.
• The panels of a geodesic dome home are triangular-shaped so windows that are rectangular or square do not work so you have to be content with round or triangular windows.

If you decide that you want to live in a geodesic dome home you can purchase a kit that is ready-made for you to build or have a custom home builder build you one from scratch. If you decide to use the kit, you will have the panels of the geodesic dome and the main framework. When buying a kit you should opt for fiber panels as they are easier to fit into the frame. When using a kit it provides you with the simplest form of a geodesic dome home.

This article is penned by Lora Davis for Dalton Built. Dalton Built has been building and remodeling Lexington’s finest custom homes since 1974. We are a Lexington home builder offering constructed homes in prominent neighborhoods like Hartland (Estate and Executive sections), The Enclave, Greenbriar, Firebrook and Ellerslie.

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