Clinical Chemistry Analyzers for Practice Based Medical Labs

Modern clinical laboratories require quality lab devices to perform different diagnostic procedures on a routine basis. Earlier, physician practices chose to send samples to off-site laboratories for tests and analysis. This often proved inconvenient and time-consuming for physicians and patients. However, many physician practice labs are now equipping themselves with clinical chemistry analyzers to analyze samples of serum, plasma, urine, cerebrospinal fluid, and other bodily fluids. They are used to perform a wide range of tests related to diabetes, anemia, liver and kidney function, hepatic function, antibiotic drug level monitoring, thyroid testing, electrolytes and enzymes, lipids, proteins and other types of therapeutic drug level monitoring tests.

Top Models of Clinical Chemistry Analyzers

Top quality analyzers provide accurate and precise test results quickly, helping healthcare providers improve the quality of care. The following are some of the top chemistry analyzer models available at leading laboratory equipment stores:

  • STAT FAX 4500 – This compact and economical analyzer model from Awareness Technology, Inc., has a capacity to accommodate 12mm tubes or cuvettes. It comes with on-board curve-fitting software, touch screen interface, superb optics and a built-in printer to meet the requirements of modern laboratories. It features bichromatic and monochromatic reading along with turbidimetric assay capability. reagent supplier
  • ACE – Manufactured by Alfa Wassermann, this chemistry lab equipment features prominent features such as closed tube sampling, auto repeat and dilution, positive sample and reagent ID, on-board sample and reagent refrigeration. On-board sample and reagent refrigeration option in this device has a capacity to hold up to 40 test reagents on-board at any time. The device provides accurate and consistent results within a short time.
  • ChemWell 2910 – This model from Awareness Technology, Inc., features an open system that enables an easy programming. It helps set up assays, quality control, panels, and even indexes calculations to suit laboratory needs. It comes with a typical throughput of up to 200 endpoint reactions per hour, up to 170 kinetic reactions per hour.
  • UniCel DxC 800 – Manufactured by Beckman, this model is ideal for clinical labs that process more than 500 samples per day. It enables continuous sample loading and delivers the results for 90 comprehensive metabolic panels in just one hour. It offers 70 different reagents on board at once. It provides results for 11 critical care tests within 42 seconds.
  • EasyRA – This is a fully automated chemistry analyzer from Medica that fulfills the varying needs of small laboratories. It enables stat sample analysis in less than 8 minutes. It performs 150 tests per hour (>300 with integrated ISE), 24 sample positions and 24 reagents on board. It allows automated download of QC values, calibration values and reagent parameters, which minimizes data entry errors.

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